At Modulube® we offer a comprehensive quick service solution for the fast lube industry. Did you know that each service bay costs approximately three hundred dollars per hour to operate during business hours? Let us show you how to maximize the efficiency of your valuable work space.

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All Stand Alone Systems are commercially designed to withstand the extremes of any climate. Incorporating galvanized steel construction allows the system to equal or surpass all national code requirements for wind loading, snow loading and seismic zones. An independent third party inspection agency inspects all aspects of the manufacturing process ensuring complete code compliance.

The system is pre-wired and pre-plumbed greatly reducing installation time. Final wiring and plumbing connections are made by local professionals.

The facility is trucked to a prepared site, installed within a few days and often operational within a few weeks.


The Zip Pit® is a pre-molded, one piece unit designed for secondary containment. The design of the above-grade lube pit enables the technicians to work both top and bottom of the vehicle concurrently. It is also more ergonomically efficient.

The Blazer 9000lb height restricted lift is the only ETL certified lift of its kind manufactured in the U.S.A. The unique design of the Blazer 9000lb lift removes the cross member support, eliminating this as an obstruction in the middle of the bay.

The LubeSoft management system is a key component of the stand alone fast lube. It allows the full service oil change to be completed in the target time frame of 10 to 12 minutes. LubeSoft is used by more fast lubes than any other system, making it the most respected and recommended software in the industry.


Modulube® Training is a comprehensive five-day training program for owners, managers and technicians on the total operation of a fast lube business.

Training topics include daily operations, safety, environmental compliance, developing a customer-energized culture, marketing/advertising in store and media outlets, employee programs, and LubeSoft management software.

Your staff will learn the daily operations of a stand alone fast lube facility. Training is best scheduled the week immediately prior to opening to allow the trainer to assist in first day opening practices. The training course will
extensively cover manager training, one of the key elements in a successful fast lube. On the final day of the training program, the trainers will open the fast lube with the staff to ensure a smooth transition into full operation.